55 years old. Live in France.

"Salah Benacer does not correspond to the typical portrait imagined for the photojournalist, even though this designation is not quite exact as far as he is concerned: it would be more appropriate to talk about « essayist photographer » or « photographer of essays ».

Essays in touch with reality and the drifts of individual and collective stories, prepared thanks to important documents regarding culture, study of the population and economy of the country, preceding a work in the field during about five weeks.

Time of realization much more important than the one used by most of his colleagues, hurried up by reductive conditions to which he has actually not submitted."

Farid Abdelouab



2021 I am a Berika, 400ASA Editions

2016 La Plage, Pyramid Editions

2012 Inclose, 400ASA Editions

2008 En mer, voyage photographiques, Edition Glénat

2006 La Normandie des photographes, Edition des Falaises


2006 Acquisition of 15 print by the  Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France


2022 Gold medal at the Japan Photography Awards

2021 International Photography Awards honorable mention

2021 Gomma Grant third prize

2020 Nominee at the International Photo Grant

2006 Prizewinner of la Bourse du Talent by Kodak, Picto, Prophot and


400 ASA

This is the name of the structure I created to support my work. I called it like this in memory of the commitment of photographers who worked serving human causes.

They did not work necessarily with this sensitivity of film, but rather with 320ASA. But when I also decided to commit in this type of work, and when I chose the 400ASA, it was also a way for me to show my commitment.


I continue to work in film-based photography for each editorial subject.

Salah Benacer