I am a Berika

Presale – Publish in june 2021

f you drive through the Georgian Caucasus in winter, you are sure to be stopped by men in the road.
Armed with stick or a plastic sword, they waylay your car and ask for money, cigarettes or alcohol.

They are called the Berikas.

From poor backgrounds in rural areas, they adopt elements of a pagan Georgian ritual, the Berikaoba, to earn a living.
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The Beach

At the end of a Camargue, the twisting road in the marshes leads to a beach which each summer gives rise to a transitory village. This is the beach of Piémanson. Piémanson is the symbol of the collective and popular appropriation of a space in the name of freedom, of a user-friendliness and of a right to live from nature for a while. Beyond that, this is also the popular expression of a refusal to submit to conventions dictated by "the authority".

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This book, in the form photo essay develops three aspects of isolation : a superstitious confinement in a mental home of Madagascar, a community isolation in a Romani camp in Bulgaria, a geopolitical seclusion in Karabakh, a shadow republic  wedged in Azerbaijan.


Postface by Farid Abdelouahab ISBN 9782746643543
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